The Howard Hughes Corporation unveils new sculpture “Acrobática” in Hughes Landing

Hannah Zedaker, Community Impact Newspaper

Officials with The Howard Hughes Corporation announced July 31 the installation of a new sculpture “Acrobática” by world-renowned artist Rafael Barrios in Hughes Landing.

The sixth public outdoor art piece in Hughes Landing is constructed of stainless steel and acrylic lacquer. It measures nine feet, six inches tall, 13 feet, four inches long and four feet wide, and it weighs 1,760 pounds, according to The Howard Hughes Corporation.

“Acrobática creates a mirage of images,” said Robert Heineman, vice president of planning for The Howard Hughes Corporation and director of The Woodlands Art Fund. “As one walks by perpendicular to the sculpture, the shapes appear to move and rotate at the connections. These transformations are optical illusions that successfully engage the viewer and elevate the sculpture from pure art to include a bit of magic.”

Barrios is a national and international award-winning artist and previously created a second, smaller sculpture similar to Acrobática, “Nimbus,” which is located in The Westin at The Woodlands lobby.

In addition to Acrobática, Hughes Landing is also home to “Wind Waves” by Yvonne Domenge, “Dream It Do It and International Waters" by John Runnels, “Fenris Glacier, Karale Glacier and Midgard Glacier" by Julie Speidel, “Firefly” by John Clement and the band shell, which doubles as both an art piece and a performance stage.

“Our vision for Hughes Landing is to simply add dramatic and beautiful pieces of art to this urban, walkable setting,” said Peter Doyle,executive vice president of strategic development for The Howard Hughes Corporation. “Acrobática complements the contemporary outdoor sculptures currently in Hughes Landing and helps enhance the splendid pieces throughout The Woodlands.”

The Woodlands features 58 public, outdoor art pieces in addition to 14 art benches located along The Woodlands Waterway. To view Community Impact Newspaper's The Woodlands Sculpture Guide, click here.



July 31, 2018
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