Rafael Barrios: Ontological Curiosity (Exposición en Miami, Florida, Estados Unidos)


Ontological, the nature and study of being. Being in curiosity suggests an inquisitive nature, experimenting, searching for answers or creating questions, exploring and being mischievous. An enveloping sense of this fluid, curious wonder and play is felt within and throughout Barrios’ artwork, while the mechanics and structure make the viewers’ mind reel/real.


Ontological Curiosity is an exhibition that welcomes visitors to share moments of the artist own sense and practice of curiosity – process, inspiration, and material realizations expressed through form, shadow, suspension, illumination, grounding, literal and virtual movements that merge density with illusion. Kinetic sculpture was an early inspiration for Barrios and he switches his dynamic. Suddenly, the viewer becomes the moving element curiously transforming the artwork and personal experience in time and space.



December 3, 2019
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